Cartoons on the radio?

A brilliant new concept.

I was lucky enough this morning to have been interviewed by Pete Wilson for BBC Radio Gloucestershire about my forthcoming exhibition at the Garden’s Gallery here in Cheltenham. It was great fun and very flattering to have someone interested in what I do and how I got there. He saw the odd side of talking about cartoons on the radio but it soon became clear that this was not a problem. I was lucky too to have the chance to talk about my new little book, which will be on sale at the exhibition too.


This is a project I took to give my own interpretation of various Gloucestershire place names. Lots of fun to do and printed by my old chums at  Severnprint

You can see the sort of fun I had by clicking right here Glossary : A Collection of Gloucestershire Place Names

For those of you thinking that cartoons on the radio might not be a good idea, then think again. After all,  there was a time when the BBC had a radio programme with a ventriloquist on the radio: Archie Andrews and Brough! You could never see his lips moving.

My interview with Pete Wilson will be broadcast on BBC Radio Gloucestershire on Sunday  6th August at 12 midday and will be repeated at 5am on 13th August. After the first broadcast it will also be available on the BBC iPlayer for 30 days. ( |Will anyone be listening at 5-00 on a Sunday morning? )

Exhibition A4sheddism

8 thoughts on “Cartoons on the radio?

  1. I am very happy for you! I would be most interested to hear it. I’ll make every effort to catch it! I hope to visit Dorset next year, your drawings make me yearn to return (my fifth time).

    1. How kind of you. The programme will be on Radio Gloucestershire, so good luck with finding that! You might be able to find it on the internet somehow. Otherwise I’m going to attempt to put it on here, perhaps! You can buy the prints of some of the drawings off my site, alternatively if that’s a problem I’d be happy to mail one to you! I’ll give you a hefty discount for kindness!

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