Those were the days…


When a barber just repeated himself every day. Will the style ever come back? Buy a Beatle haircut on Red Bubble

Please please me.

I first heard the Beatles when on a “French Exchange” at school. It was their first hit “Love me do” which brings back memories of France every time I hear it, my first taste of watered down red wine with a meal, chocolate in a baguette for a picnic lunch, and the joys of a 2cv. ( I bought one later in life; it was my first car in London and ideal for getting around Hyde Park Corner. Every other driver thought I was a lost Frenchman, which I encouraged by using my peripheral vision) By then I lived in Shepherd’s Bush and we parked the beast on the street. My business partner’s wife thought it might be a good idea to buy a ‘crooklock’: one of those iron bars that you lock around the steering wheel. We never really bothered with it, but were somewhat displeased when someone stole the ‘crooklock’ and not the car.



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