Charging Santa

I was recently commissioned to do a drawing for a Christmas card. Not unusual for this time of year. I do one for a local haulage company and have done for years, that one is done and dusted. This was for a small marketing agency. He wanted to feature the imminent arrival of the vaccine that will hopefully get us back to a new normal in time.

This drawing was my first idea and in common with many of these projects, these days I always send off the first idea to test the water. This is the result of years of doing loads of ideas for clients only for them to choose the first one that hit the paper. I recall in the 80s doing a load of drawings all night trying to get something acceptable for an ad agency campaign that they needed the next day. I delivered the drawings the next day, bleary eyed and unsure which they would choose. They chose the very first drawing that I’d done the night before. I could have gone to bed.

So below is my own very first scribble of what I had in mind.

Next is the one that I sent to him to see if he would like me to go ahead.

We went in another direction but I chose to do the final drawing anyway, I’d use it myself.Here’s the line work for the final colour drawing…

And here’s the final colour drawing.

I hope you have enjoyed my blogs over the year, I’ve certainly enjoyed writing them. I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas time and that the New Year will bring us all better times.

2 thoughts on “Charging Santa

  1. First idea is the strongest so often … but other times it sparks an even better one! Who knows how these muse feckers work. BTW what happened to Santa’s sleigh … asking for a friend

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