It’s unlikely that it sang in Berkeley Square

I’m no expert but having got up at 3.30 this morning and been out to where they do sing, I think it unlikely that a Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, as the song suggested. I took this little video this very early morning as we are told that nightingales start singing very early, and they did! This is at the RSPB bird area at Highnam in Gloucestershire and excuse the lighting engineer but it was very early.

I’ve not seen a nightingale before and today was no exception as although they sing loud and clear and before any of the other birds have got up, they don’t wander out much. So seen but not heard.

They like woodland and are rare in this country these days, not wandering much further north than this. Apparently there are loads in France. Sacre Bleu!

Hope you enjoy it.

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