Let’s get a few cheerful images out there.

Wild garlic, a short video from a recent walk, well about two weeks ago. Not telling you where, best left alone. This magnificent scene was a real treat this Spring. Also here some still pictures of another wild garlic location, the photo is in Somerset, the film in Gloucestershire.

This one in Gloucestershire
This one is in Somerset.
Cowslips, these not far from the River Severn in Gloucestershire
Bluebells, also on the Somerset walk. These have probably gone over now,
but what a treat when they are around
Hawthorne hedge flowers, this from a few weeks ago.

There you go, thought you might like to see them.

If you came over here expecting to see some cartoons, then I’m sorry, but I will be posting some soonish as I’ve just finished another children’s book with my good friend Andy Harden. It’s just gone to the printers and when it’s done will post all sorts of stuff about it.

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