Engulfed Shed

This is the same shed two years ago.

There’s something rather beautiful when nature takes over, and in these pictures is a shed in a field. It’s in a stunning green valley in Gloucestershire and has always been a favoured shed of mine, I’ve taken many images of it.

It’s now starting to disappear as green takes over . I’ve never seen anyone in all the years I’ve been visiting it, go near it or busying themselves nearby but they must at some time.

So today’s walk went close by and I could not resist taking even more pictures of it. I’d just love to know its history, before it evaporates under a sea of greenery.

Earlier in the walk, we caught up with the local mother swan taking the babes out for a swim. Not a bad day at all, rounded off with a cheese and pickle sandwich on the village green for me and a pork pie for my good friend Mike, as well as some rather subtle ginger biscuits baked by his wife Judy.

Hopefully we walked off the calories when we climbed up through the wood to the meadow with its wild flowers including these purple gems. They are aquilegia, not seen them in this meadow before. The only thing missing today was the sun.

Swanning around with the babies…

One thought on “Engulfed Shed

  1. Hi Paul, Loved the pictures of the slowly disappearing shed, beautiful setting and colours. Thanks. I was thinking of you all this afternoon as I immersed myself in probably overly loud sound from my big old stereo system downstairs, listening to Harry Secombe. His voice was always so beautifully moving and listening to a few of his lp’s got me quite nostalgic. Thankfully we are all fine at this point, Brenda and I will, I believe have Mary and Bernard over here with us (and Ifon of course) for most of September, so our initial hoped for trip back home, will have to wait until next spring, God willing! Hope you are keeping well, sounds like the walks are still frequent, which is good to see, I’m doing walking every day, but not as grand as yours, and always with my cane now, or until my balance fully returns! Old age sucks. Keep well, we enjoy your posts, Sincerely John Binns

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