Gloucester Gargoyles and Dave

This post was meant to go out in January, when the photos were taken. Now in the start of the Summer it seems odd to post about a winter day in Gloucester when the light was on my side, but hey ho!

These gargoyles are very high up at the edge of the roof

Any chance I have to get out at this time of year I’ll take if the sun is shining. It’s been a rare thing of late, but today it really was sunshine all the way.

I thought I’d head for the River but on the way changed my mind. It was sunny but from a distance the Severn seemed to have misty bits. I detoured to Gloucester.

My sausage roll awaited. Taking it and myself then to the Cathedral a short walk away, I began to think this was all just brilliant. The Cathedrals seemed to glow in the midday sun, and I had the chance to take some pictures of the gargoyles. I wanted to locate the one pictured below and soon found it. It’s a fine collection of the art of the modern stonemason. Go and take a look sometime, choose a sunny day for best effect, but a rainy day to see how they drain the rain from the roof. Personally I find the lead pipes that appear on some of these figures don’t look that good. But if they didn’t do it, then the gargoyles would certainly not last very long. After all they are just a way of taking the rain off the roof!

From Cathedral to the Docks. Again a relatively short walk. Coming to the end of Southgate Street there stood a man with a Mohican haircut, lit by the sun. I asked him if I could take a picture and he was happy for me to do so. His name is Dave. I wonder how long it will be before he might become a gargoyle on the Cathedral. If you are in Gloucester, look out for him. Seemed like a pleasant fellow.

A gentle walk around the docks, my aim to look into the dry dock, and the area where they deal with the restoration of lovely old ships. I was not disappointed. Plenty to choose from. This image is the lightship at the edge of the Docks and you can stay there! Apparently it is quite luxurious.

Back to the car for my return journey

A fine hot sausage roll from the Farmhouse shop on Southgate Street. Try one if you are that way, they really are a treat. My car was parked in a fine example of what not to build in a city centre. Multi storey parking with ramps up 6 floors. All a bit gone at the edges and with quite small parking areas.

I’d found a spot on the 5 th floor and went to find the machine that you pay. I don’t carry cash but most places take contactless cards, a system I quite like. This machine would not take a card, it refused to accept any of my cards. So I then tried to pay online. These parking places give you lots of options on how to dispose of your money. Using my parking app to pay, after an age trying to reset my password, it eventually took my money.

Seeing a couple of parking attendants walking towards me I checked with them and they reassured me all would be ok. I took the opportunity of being up a few floors to look at the top floor open to the elements and fine views across the city, and chance to take a photo or two.

The area had just one car and a young girl in the corner sitting in the sun. I was a little concerned and asked her if she was ok. She said she was, so I went on my way, but not before I mentioned her to the two traffic attendants who were on the same floor having a quiet smoke. They promised to keep an eye open for her.

Three days later the parking company sent me a parking fine. So much for my philanthropy.

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