It makes a change from sheds

My love of sheds knows no bounds, but I like gardens and flowers, and yesterday I dug up very first of my spuds. Very fine they are too.

This morning the wind has dropped and the garden sits still, previous days felt like a storm was brewing with swirly gusts blowing the trees and everything else about in a bit of a strop.

Calm is the keyword for today. Cucumbers are repotted and a frame ready to take them skywards, just hope they like whisky and that they haven’t had too much. A recent acquisition of an old whisky barrel is now serving as a water butt. The aroma of whisky pervades from it and gives the water the same slightly heady scent. I noticed as I potted the cucumbers that the same aroma now exists in the greenhouse as I’ve been using the barrel water there.

Installing the old barrel into its new role was ,to say the least, a bit of a performance, involving much heaving and measuring. The postman opined as he delivered , that one should multiply the time taken by a factor of 4 at least, to determine exactly how long any DIY job might take, and in this case he was more than right. Job done and it rained the next day and the beast was full in no time. We are forecast little rain for the next weeks so it will be payback time now.

On the cartoon front, I recently finished another children’s book, in aid of a local Gloucester infant school. The last one did really well for them. We hope this one will do the same. I’ll post stuff about it in coming weeks. Written by my friend Andy Harden it’s a little poem about a mouse in a plane crash that ends well! If you are a philosopher it’s about a bit more than that, you could say it’s about not giving up on stuff. Hopefully the kids will like it. I’m off to the school next Thursday for it’s official launch, facing 400 kids is not as bad as it sounds. In fact from my previous experience it’s an uplifting feeling.

Here’s the artwork for the cover spread. I’m hoping the project takes off a little better than the one illustrated. Chocs away!

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