“Oh so much!” Number 5


The last of my Canada drawings for the time being. Again this is near Ucluelet. It’s been a lot of fun doing these and I hope I do the place justice when it comes to producing the colour print versions. This one will have much darkness in the foregropund like this has on the leaves and trees, but I need to go a lot of work on the bits between the trees and to the right to make it work properly. In addition, there was a sea mist in the top left, not sure just yet quite how I’m going to achieve that.

In many ways, this is the definition of an original, in that it is just ink and Dr PH Martin’s bleedproof white here and there. I wonder what he got his doctorate in? Perhaps “tThe qualities required to blank out large areas of naff drawing without the original work showing through: A treatise”. Discuss.

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