“Even more!” Number 1


We are still in Scotland and in the Orkneys. We were about to take a small ferry across to the island in the background. Small jetty is out of the picture to the left. I’m not sure if it was this ferry crossing or another where we encountered French Driver. An elderly chap with two female companions and a beat up old French vehicle. Despite his advancing

I’m not sure if it was this ferry crossing or another where we encountered French Driver. An elderly chap with two female companions and a beat up old French vehicle. Despite his advancing years he was not desperately confident in his driving, but perhaps because of his advancing years, could not care less if he bumped the odd car nearby or shot backwards to his own and everyone else’s surprise. We encountered him on several ferry crossings and his car was more and more battered at each one where we met. Our own mini bus guide sensibly made sure he parked well away from him. His female companions seemed oblivious to the damage he was doing to both his car and France’s reputation in driving skills. I suspect they just did not like to mention it.

Back to the drawing, I’m hoping the print will convey the peace and quiet of the place and perhaps I can do that with the addition of colour.


“Oh so much!” Number 7


This too is on the Orkneys and is an ancient building. The foreground here is seawater, and in the original is a bright turquoise. The strata of rocks in the backgound are grey and in some places orange. The sky was blue but is unlikely to be so in the final. It was pretty wet on the Orkneys and as we were on a walking holiday, we got wet now and again. But it’s well worth it, atmospheric and calming in many ways. The rain rarely comes down, it comes along parallel to the ground, giving a very strong tingling sensation to the eyeballs. Try it soon.

“Oh so much!” Number 6


Anyone looking at my blogs will know how much I like sheds. This one is on the Orkneys, so we’ve moved on from the Canada pictures and are onto the Orkney ones now. So don’t expect any more trees for a while, there are none, or very few, on the Orkneys. The final print of this ought to have brown, blue and green in there but I tend to make up my mind differently and not necessarily follow the colours in the photo, otherwise I’d just publish the photo. I might even do that, when the whole project is finished, so not for months.

I’ll need persistent rain to get this lot done. Creative weather.

“Oh so much!” Number 5


The last of my Canada drawings for the time being. Again this is near Ucluelet. It’s been a lot of fun doing these and I hope I do the place justice when it comes to producing the colour print versions. This one will have much darkness in the foregropund like this has on the leaves and trees, but I need to go a lot of work on the bits between the trees and to the right to make it work properly. In addition, there was a sea mist in the top left, not sure just yet quite how I’m going to achieve that.

In many ways, this is the definition of an original, in that it is just ink and Dr PH Martin’s bleedproof white here and there. I wonder what he got his doctorate in? Perhaps “tThe qualities required to blank out large areas of naff drawing without the original work showing through: A treatise”. Discuss.

“Oh so much!” Number 4


Vancouver Island again, this time of the coast. Again a lot to do to get the atmosphere, but I like a challenge. If you’ve not been to Vancouver Island then go there, this is near Ucluelet, which is pronounced a little bit like “You clue less!” but with a ‘t’ on the end. Great place and the coast around there is very varied, very bracing and the people were lovely. Loads of hippies from the US went there in the 60’s to avoid the draft and Viet Nam, quite a lot have stayed, so it’s ‘cool man’.

“Oh so much!” Number 3

Chipvan Vancouver848

This is a chip van on Vancouver Island. All these drawings are taken from my photographs and this one was a bright blue summer day. The van was miniscule and the lady in there was sitting in a corner reading a book, I did not like to disturb her! Business was slow.