Where to start?

Perhaps the title whould be ” Where to stop?” I was reminded of this by a posting on Facebook of a Canadian lino cut artist called Linda Cote, and who’s work I really like. She posted an image with four different prints all of the same subject, with slight variations. The thing about reduction lino cut work, as I understand it, is that when it’s gone, it’s gone. Take away part of the image and you can’t put it back. The same applies to drawing to a degree, but with cartoons like mine, the tendency is to just do it again, if you can.

What you don’t get when you do it again, is the spontaneity of the first drawing, so in some respects, you can’t do it again. Case proved?

Here’s a little drawing that I found on my desk. I did it when trying to put together the idea for the one below. The little drawing of the hapless captain of the ship did not fill the purpose of the idea, but I like the drawing and the way it shows the various thoughts in it. Like when you see a child’s drawing and it looks really good so you hope they will stop before they over cook it, or simply scribble over it in a moment of creative release, I stopped.

I might have a go at finishing it sometime, but in some respects it is finished. Hapless Captain looking grumpy and the parrot looking rightly worried that the ship is heading for the rocks. I could draw in the water around rising around him perhaps.

Watch this space, I might just do that. Heave to!

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