Victoria Sponge

Missing the Summer Fete season with lockdown, not many of these have been going on, so where are all those ladies what bake. I love a Vicky Sponge, I even have a liking for the industrial manufactured versions with their wafer thin covering of ‘jam’ and eight of an inch of ‘buttercream”.

Write me a review, on second thoughts, perhaps not.

We’ve all been buying a lot on-line in these days of lockdown, if it can really be called that here in the UK where we seem to be considerably behind the curve. The latest debacle being “Wear a mask”, or ” Don’t bother” or even worse “Why bother?”. We’ll find out in time that we should all be wearing them, especially in shops. Listening to a government minister on the radio this morning obfuscating on whether we should wear one or not was enough to get my blood pressure rising unhealthily. It seems that they cannot answer the simplest question put to them.

So, buying on-line it has been and in those days of considerable sunshine I got the hosepipe out to water the garden as often as possible in an effort to keep our new trees going. The pipe in question has the odd hole here and there so only about a third of the water that started the journey ended up at the end of the pipe, and faffing about with the pipe usually resulted in more water on me than on the trees. As the leaks were getting ridiculous I thought the investment in new hose might be the answer, and so it has proved to be.

After buying on line I was asked to review my purchase. I gave it 5 stars and reviewed it thus: “The hosepipe was of a pipe design and functioned exactly as required, the fact that exactly the same amount of water that went in one end seemed to come out of the other end without any diversion was new to me and was an added bonus. I’m hoping that this will continue for many years to come. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others who wish to transfer water. Please send my best wishes for a long and healthy life to the design and production people who made this all possible, may their gardens bloom forever”

The result of my purchase is naturally that it has started raining. I make no excuses for re-using a recent drawing, we are after all in the age of recycling. If you don’t like it you can always put a review in the comments section below, but like the government minister, I’m unlikely to either read it or take much notice.

I’ll be out in the garden trying to reduce my blood pressure.