Shed 10: Canadian chips

This is a chip shop and in the background you can see a tepee. It’s where we stayed in Northern Ontario on Manitoulin Island quite a few years ago now, on a memorable Canadian trip. Great chips.

Shed 9

Random close up of some clever shed work here. Someone’s pride and joy

Shed 8: Roy’s Place

Roy's shed

Sheds do make a statement and there’s no doubting the statement here. This is Roy’s shed in the North of Ireland with his dog guarding the channel betwixt viewer and Europe. I was at college in Manchester with Roy back in the Sixties. In his holidays he used to be a bus conductor on Ribble Buses working out of Preston. I used to drive a ‘cake’ lorry all over the North West. Cake meaning that is what it carried. People still need cakes so there are lorries carrying them still hither and yon but the bus conductor is an extinct species.

I think this is a very special shed. Nice one Roy.

Shed 7

This is on the Charente River. It’s a fisherman’s shed, but if I were them I’d not venture into it, or they may join the fish. Rising damp.

Ok, that’s seven sheds in seven days. A welcome break from politics. I’ve some more coming in a few days time.

Shed 6

We are back in South West France for this shed, quite a big one too. Like the first post in this shed series there’s something probably fishy about this one. It’s located at Le Tremblade which is known as the Oyster catching port for that region. Looks to me like someone started painting it so they ¬†could perhaps sell it, then gave up because they could not find the ladder. Perhaps it’s in the shed.

Shed 5

This shed is down by the River Severn at Elmore. A fine collection of wood and a random window and a half make for what I think is a fine art shed. Does not look like anyone has been within for a while, that’s one of the beauties of sheds, who knows what lies within?

Shed 4

Closer to home, this is a shed next to my allotment, I think it’s so full of stuff that no one would ever be able to get into it. It’s not my shed, but I wish it was. I’d give it some tender loving care.

It’s actually owned by the Chinese lady who has the next plot to me, where she grows vegetables and plants that I’ve never seen before. Makes a change from carrots.

Shed 3

This is really a shed on wheels. It’s that colour from alcohol. The stuff in the shed on the back is used to make a sort of brandy and the vehicle is on a little farm in the South West of France. The farmer kindly let me take the photograph. He spends his spare time driving to fairs and events where he makes this liquor and no doubt sells it. All in the very best possible taste I’m sure. He’s probably on wheels to give himself a head start on the Revenue people.

Shed 2

This one is in the Orkneys and if memory serves me well then that’s Scapa Flow behind the shed, where the German Fleet was scuttled at the end of World War 1.¬†

Interesting place, interesting history.