One that got away…


I do a regular Christmas card for Neil and this was one of my ideas and I thought the best of the two ideas I sent him. I told him it was the best but when put to the rest of the staff they voted the other one as the winner, which is a take on driverless vehicles.

Well, I’m not going to let this one go to waste, so here it is. And on a dull damp Sunday with the past week being filled on my blog with grey pictures this is the first step back into publishing drawings again. I hope it cheers your day.

This is the rough that will not get any further, which is a shame, but it has a quality of immediacy that I like. Hardly needs any more work on it really.

It’s one of those drawings and ideas where I chuckled to myself, which might just be an indication that it would not come out as the winner.



Soon to be available as a print, if you are fond of leather it might suit.

PontA2landscbikesfI’ve been faffing around again, this time with this drawing done for my Exhibition back in the Summer. This drawing original was sold at the time and a recent enquiry from Canada made me get my finger out from where it has been languishing to try and find the digital file. All this so I could make it available as a print.

The first version looked slightly different, and you can see it right here: This one’s for charity

Delving into files is fraught with problems for me. I’m not quite as tidy as I should be, and when looking for this that cold feeling around the neck, indicated that I might have ‘cleaned it out’. I’ve backed up some of the most banal and ‘chuckable’ files and ditched some I should have kept. The names I give my files don’t always help. What had I called this one? Bike? Far too obvious. Leather? Who knows? I come away from episodes like this determined to be a little more logical, but in reality, know it just won’t happen.

Anyhow, I did find it! I’ve fixed it and it will soon be available as a print from my other site.