Apostrophe timebomb.

I’m not good with these and have recently joined a Facebook Gardener’s group called: Gardeners Question Time and someone has taken issue about the lack of apostrophe. Some wit speculated that the true meaning of the group was ” Gardeners question the meaning of time” , rather than what I think was the real intention which most would have thought was ” Gardeners asking questions of each other”. There have been over a hundred responses on Facebook to the thread so far.

Here’s my own take on it



If you are curious you might be able to find it here: Gardeners getting huffy about punctuation


A fine piece of sign writing.

A fine piece of sign writing.

This in a shop window just before Christmas.
The vacancy can’t have been for long as the shop, which sold utter tat, has now closed.
One of those places where you might buy a shirt in a box and find no arms on it when you open it on Christmas day, or even worse, someone else does. You would , of course return and expect an exchange or money back, but tough, that outlet has now gone.
I’m no expert at English, and grammar is not my strong point, but you can see from this that whoever did it was not entirely confident either.