A daisy chain worn and made by small girls that they make on bright blue summer days for each other. Boys are naturally excluded from this activity. Mothers marvel at their offspring’s dexterity to make them when normally at home they can barely get food into their mouths or tie a shoelace. They forgive them everything as they exclaim: “ Oh look, she’s made a maismore”

Maisemore is actually on the edge of the City of Gloucester and is a relatively small village close to the River Severn. It’s prone to flooding, but I’m sure there are a fine supply of daisies in the area.

It could be worse, it could be comic sans.

I’m back in the groove with my two border guards, and to get the best out of this one go and look at my post of 20th Feb.
I used to work in advertising many moons ago and, as you can tell from recent posts have a fondness for all things to do with type and typography. My views on comic sans are set out in that blog.

I’d like to take this opportunity of wishing anyone who drops by here a very pleasant and peaceful holiday break.To anyone following me and getting this regularly, thank you for staying behind me!

I’m aware that many people engage in conversations from their blogs, I don’t do this much. It’s not that I’m unfriendly, I like to think I’m not, but drawing takes precedence in my world.

My plan for these two chaps is to publish them in some guise for the entire year! I’ve had one or two breaks but hope to have done 365 by the time they are at retirement age.

Thanks for looking in.coldmasteraprilcomicsans

Spiderman lives locally.


Not a lot of people know that Spiderman lives here right in the heart of England, but now I can reveal with this exclusive picture. Poor chap looked a bit down at heel and thin, could have benefitted from putting on a few pounds and perhaps  a bit of a ‘work-out’. He was heading for this Pizza place so I’m hopeful that they will give him a nice filling snack, after all he is returning their sign to them by the look of it.