A brilliant little museum.

I’m not one for going to Museums that much but this one seemed like a good idea. I’ve always liked the work of Charles Dickens and grew up on his storytelling, sometimes for my own pleasure or more often as set text for us to read at school. I like the sort of places where the star of the show might have just left to get a bottle of milk. Dickens would of course have had servants to do this, but whatever. The Dickens Museum ( Take a look here ) is a house where he lived for only two years or … Continue reading A brilliant little museum.

Memories of haircuts, continued.

Here’s the latest selection of haircuts to choose from. Helmet and Big Ear Mod Camo are of course methods used by people with very large sticky out ears. Hat Nail is simply one of those people who’s hair has evaporated and deems it necessary to wear a hat at all times. Back Garden is where the hair at the front has become semi detached and rests downwind forever. These drawings and others will be available to use in due course on Shutterstock, go to the link here, and thanks for looking. I’m working on more. http://www.shutterstock.com/g/Pauldraws Continue reading Memories of haircuts, continued.

Where did that come from?

More”Guides to the Modern Man’s Haircut” is this small collection. I’ve not ever witnessed and “Adolf” in my lifetime but I’ve come close on one or two occasions. One was one of those blokes that wanders around an art gallery making sure you don’t get too close to the artwork. They always look bored rigid, but then I suppose you would when you’ve been Chancellor of all Germany. The other time was handing over cash for parking and the site of someone closely resembling Adolf taking the money and chuckling was an unnerving experience. As for Trump, that was something … Continue reading Where did that come from?

How would you like it Sir?

It’s a familiar phrase in the barber’s shop, an institution that has had something of a come-back recently. More recent barber shops are thankfully short on the atmosphere of the testosterone filed places of old with the smell of cigarettes and shelves with stuff called “Brilliantine”. This greenish liquid was applied to the hair after the tonsorial efforts of the barber who was usually male and in my experience was as bald as an egg.These barbers had one style: short back and sides, the rot set in when the Beatles came along. I thought it might be good to do a … Continue reading How would you like it Sir?