Would you put your washing out on a day like this?

Yes, I was on holiday and walking a fell ( that’s a roundy type hill to those from outside the UK ) and it was wet, very wet. Walking through a boggy field littered with sheep and marsh orchids and dozens of other interesting, but to me, unknown wild flowers,¬†we passed this hillside cottage farm.

It was not entirely unexpected, after all the Orkneys is not well known for unremitting sunshine and high temperatures, but a wonderful place to visit despite that.

It’s a joy to see washing out on a line in weather like this. First of all on a line, none of your fancy rotary clothes lines here. I suspect they would take off like a helicopter in the winds they get out there, secondly the hope inherent in the act of putting the washing on the line on a day like this.

It says “the weather will get better”, it did, now and again, and I’ll tell more later.

Wheels on a suitcase, whoever thought of them?

SuitcaseModern inventions are at times just taken for granted.
In the days when travel was glamorous and only the select few could fly or afford to, suitcases were carried and generally not by the traveller. Because this is what they were: travellers and not tourists.
So now we all ‘carry’ our own cases and the result is that someone comes up with the idea of little wheels, so that airports are like shopping malls complete with one’s own trolley.They are also almost all now a regulation size and will have none of those fancy labels stuck on the leather with the names of sleek hotels in Cap d’Antibes.They are also inevitably not leather, nor do they carry a suit.
Instead they may well have attached someone who wears their hat on back to front, shorts with massive pockets, a shirt that looks like a paint tin has exploded on it nearby, leatherette sandals,metalwork within the body ( of the person, not the case ) and on the way back what they call a tan, but is in fact third degree burns.