Top of the jungle…

Go back a few posts to my jungle parrot and this is the top of the drawing from there for the poster with ‘Essence of Jungle’.
That’s me at the drawing board and is of course taken directly from life with no added embellishment.

Here’s a close up to help you, as you can see I am drawing a jungle scene, again!jungleprofile


The Employment Jungle in full…

The Employment Jungle in full...

The completed picture. I like drawing jungles, lots of scribbling and the chance for silly little details like bird with fish. This was commissioned so it does have a serious purpose.A good week on the blog and a massive spike in traffic after the publication of the last one and putting it out into the twitter sphere.Helped by daughter’s connections too. So for all you who’ve been looking from all over the world, thanks for dropping into my jungle.

The Employment Jungle

The Employment Jungle

This is again part of a bigger drawing but here we can see what it might be about.Have a guess what the chap in the background might be saying. I’ll apologise now if it’s not quite as exciting as you might have thought, but then it is about employment and social media.The final will be published by the end of the week and then perhaps we’ll have a change from these busy cartoons. I might have a spell of simple. If you have been looking, thanks for dropping in. Feel free to comment on what you see, or if you have a subject I’m happy to look at it for you.