Trapped in a Post Office queue with a bird…

Woolworth’s used to make all their profit at Christmas and I’ve no doubt that the Post Office do very well at the same time of year. Let’s hope they can keep going, unlike dear old Woolies. They seem to be trying all sorts of things to keep their heads afloat and at present are blessed by the simple fact that people still want to post Christmas cards. My local Post Office was rammed the other day when I chose to post a small parcel.

The main post office sold off their impressive building in the centre of the town and took some space on the first floor of WH Smiths, so when there one can indulge in some revolutionary activity as they even have books displayed on the ‘queue maker cage’ . They are usually the books you would want to turn as well,that is the so-called best sellers that are always 50% off. Do they ever sell any of these tomes at the price inside the dust jacket ( if they have such a thing ). For more about book shop revolution take a look here:

It’s a sort of revolution.


However, this time, knowing that the W H Smith main branch would be mega rammed, I chose a small local branch. To while away the time I was able to look over the magazine section right next to me, and came across this brilliant title.


Poultry posers! Brilliant. I bet the editor thought of that one on the way into his swish editorial office on his Southern Region train. On second thoughts, both those might be fiction. That is :swish office and a train on the Southern Region.

As someone once said of my drawings and cartoons ” Who buys this stuff?” Well someone must and to be fair, you can sell almost any magazine with a bird on the cover. At least they had the good grace not to feature a turkey, but then it is the January Edition.




More on my Pont project

This is nothing to do with  French bridge building, but my recent plans to revisit the work of Graham Laidler : Pont

Here’s an example of what he did about the British and below is my own version, but mine is just a rough for the time being. I’m trying to go through as many of his versions as possible and in this instance the drawings have a similar construction, as the subject leaves little to be updated really. Other subjects may well have changed. My exhibition is in August next year so I have plenty of time. Sometimes this is not a good idea as I have a tendency to leave everything to the last minute, and at times produce my better work when under pressure.

Anyhow, today was a simply beautiful sunny day here, bright blue skies and lovely sunshine all day, but cold. It would have been easy to use this good weather to go out for a random walk, but I kept my discipline and got on with the drawing. With Bruce Springsteen at some considerable volume the day has gone well.


Punch was a very well known magazine in the UK which was a haven for cartoonists and it was always my ambition in the early days to get something published in there. I managed it once when the magazine had a brief revival after going out of publication, and that was my Punch career over as it folded properly. Hopefully nothing to do with my contribution. Pont was popular when it was in it’s heyday, which I missed. However, it does seem to still exist on-line as a repository for a load of cartoons from it’s archives, so it’s still making money from the cartoons. I wonder if the cartoonists or their estates make anything? It would be good to think that they do.

Here’s my own modest take on the one above.pont-bighserough238

I hope to get that lovely feeling of light and dark into the final drawing. It will have the same title as the Pont  version and an acknowledgement to him too.

More news on my exhibition will be posted as we get closer to the deadline.