This one’s for Robin

I don’t normally post stuff about people but this one’s an exception. This one’s for Robin, who started off as a client and then became a chum.

Cartoonists need clients with a sense of humour, and a willingness to take bit of a risk. Robin commissioned me to do a series of cartoons many years ago when he was the marketing manager of a company that specialised in computer back up. Take a look around you today and see if you can find anything remotely engaging about computer back up! All a bit ‘corporate’ these days as if taking anything like this less than seriously risks the loss of belief in the product.

We had great fun collaborating on the campaign and to give Robin full credit he managed to persuade his colleague at the company that it was a good idea too. Either that or he just didn’t tell them what he was doing. Who will ever know?

We’ve worked together subsequently on various other campaign and ideas and it’s always been brilliant ¬†fun. Robin is an enthusiast in just about everything he does. His recent foray into folk music is no exception and he has approached it with his usual good humour and energy learning how to play a ‘squeeze box’ and singing powerful folk music with his colleagues in the Gloucester Diamonds.

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It’s his 60th Birthday but he doesn’t look a day over 59. Happy Birthday Robin.

How to extinguish sixty candles on a birthday cake with the aid of a squeeze box.

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