The professor…it’s most people’s idea of a scientist, perhaps.

I’m posting a cartoon a day but this is more of an illustration than a cartoon, I suppose.
There was a time when I thought of myself as an illustrator rather than a cartoonist but now I’m sure of my leanings.
I’m a cartoonist who wanders down the path of drawing every now and again, I’ll contrast this drawing with the next which will be a very rough sketch. When does it become a cartoon? I suppose the bench mark might be if it makes you smile or even better laugh, or in the case of the political stuff, to think. Hopefully all three in that sequence.

Incidentally if you want to be amused by just a few words take a look at this brilliant blog:

Makes me laugh every morning.

Spelling not needed for this job…


…but a mosquito net might help.
I’m not a great speller myself but this job ad pasted in a restaurant window today took the proverbial biscuit for me. It was only when I got the image on the screen that I noticed the resident mosquito.It would appear also that one applies within a phone number.

I think I’ll stick to home made food.Experiance


Read me bro?

Read me bro?

This was one of a group of ideas for an article on how one might phrase a recruitment ad. This idea was not the favourite of those chosen, but I like it. This is the rough, but not a million miles from the finished article.
I sometimes prefer the rough drawings to the finished.