Look out for forking lifters.


Listening tonight to the radio I heard someone saying that Monet spent ten years working on some of his paintings, well this idea is at least ten years old and was intended for a campaign on safety at work. I’ve resurrected it as it was a good idea then, and a good idea now. If it’s good enough for Monet then it’s good enough for me.

There was a time not that long ago when I worked at a factory where a young lady used to drive the fork lift. She was a bit of an expert but as mad as a hatter. In the male dominated world of fork lift driving she was a bit of an unusual item, and it was her habit to wind up the lorry drivers that looked concerned about her approaching their trucks. She did this at some speed, as if she had no control over the fork lift whatsoever.

One of them had the temerity to ask her if she was ‘used to driving that thing’. Her reply got him even more wound up. ” Dunno mate, am just on day release!” she shouted to him as she reversed erratically towards the factory entrance.

She was actually one of the best forking lifters around.





Apparently there are truckloads of advantages for business and recruitment if they use pinterest. This is new to me, but interesting. This drawing commissioned by a local recruitment company.I like drawing trucks, many moons ago I used to drive them, non this big, but big enough.
I’ve joined pinterest as a result and will see if it really is as interesting as is claimed.
Keep on trucking!