One of those ladies…


She’s visiting a Country House somewhere in Great Britain, which she still insists on calling it.She knows about these places as she looks after one on a purely voluntary basis near her home in Norfolk, and tries to stop small children crawling over the fine furniture or bouncing on the four poster in the master bedroom. The bed would not survive the bouncing as it’s only the fact that the woodworm is holding hands that it stays together. She’s not sure of what to make of the recently acquired ‘art’ in this place but is told that it cost thousands, she’d prefer a Constable any day.



What a morning of winter light.

This beautiful woman is a gargoyle on Gloucester Cathedral, the rain water comes off the roof out of the pot she is carrying.This is a wonderful piece of carving by the skilled stonemasons at the Cathedral and today was one of those days when the winter light is just right to photograph such things. This is high up on the Cathedral roof and it was only thanks to a telephoto lens that I was able to get this close, and thanks to one of those wonderful sunny winter’s days that the light was right.

I normally only feature cartoons on this site, after all this is what it’s all about for me, but an image like this deserves to be shared.

Back to the drawing board tomorrow.


Sometimes it just happens…

Sometimes it just happens...

There I was looking at an idea for a little job I do regularly and for no apparent reason came up with a couple of dancers, this is a detail of the drawing.It’s the sort of drawing that some years ago I might have spent an enjoyable few hours working up, redrawing and then presenting on a fine piece of board as the ‘final’. With modern technology there is always no final. One can be faffing about for hours but the restricted budgets mean that one cannot afford to.