Cadillac Canada.

From even further back in my collection this image was taken in 2005 in Ontario, Canada. It was the last trip taken with all the family and is in some ways apt, as we went to Ontario on a big trip. We spent hours in our car and then I stopped and took pictures of other cars like this left with others in a field. I also took a lot of images of Canadian barns. I suppose that might have been the start of my obsession with sheds, after all, barns are just big sheds. Ontario has some beauties, or it did when we went back then. As I recall my enthusiasm was not universally appreciated by my passengers.

Great trip!

Still Life with engine.

The is another of my images of cars, this one from a car dump down the Bristol Road in Gloucester. That Californian blue sky helps . I thought it looked like a modern sculpture. This was taken some years ago, I’m not sure if the place where they collect these cars is still there, but if it is it’s behind the large car dealerships that front on to the road.

“Do you think it will be ok if we park here?”

I’ve had a fascination for cars. but mainly the ones dumped for no apparent reason. This ones near Pau which is just 85 km from the Spanish border of Southern France. I found it in a wood whilst we were staying down there and to this day have no clue how it got there.

My very first car was a 2CV, sadly not a van like this gem. This was taken quite a few years ago but I suspect is still sitting there. Perhaps with the ferns around it doing even better.

I shall be posting my odd photos over the next few days and weeks, drawing is taking a bit of a back seat. They come from years ago like this one and perhaps one or two more up to date ones.

I hope you enjoy them.


Not really. Bluebells.

Derbyshire. Lovely. They like the shade but look lovely when the sun catches them.

Cow Parsley?


I’m not sure.

I know where it is and hope to go there to see it come to life again before too long.

Bear with me…

Here’s a sunny image for today. This is a hot day in sunny California and the very thing to do is to dress up in a hairy bear suit for the kids. There’s enough denim in those trousers to clothe a family of four and have enough left over for a spare coat. Not that you’d ever need a coat in California. I think these two are an ‘item’ as we say.

I hope you all have a really good week.

Sunny California

This is a Car Museum in Los Angeles taken in 2019. Every day is sunny there or so it seems, and of course nobody has a proper job, they are all aspiring actors. The only place where acting is thought of as a proper job. My own profession: cartoonist, is seen as something of a joke by a lot of people. I got used to the incredulous stare when I was asked what I did to earn a crust back in the day, usually followed by “Really?”, quickly followed by ” Who for?” as if I did cartoons for a newspaper. I did n’t, I did them for anyone who wanted them. Then the next statement ” Oh! My favourite cartoonist is: Insert anyone but me here “. My response was usually to just nod and try and change the subject.

Perhaps I should have done what my father: a policeman, used to say when asked what he did. He just said he worked for the post office. There was never a follow up question, just a look of resigned pity. It saved him from a lots of grumbling people, unless they had a problem with the Post Office.

What does this have to do with a Car Museum in Los Angeles? Search me.

Sunny delight

This is down near the River Coln not far from the Roman remains at Chedworth.

I bet the Roman soldiers that were sent there must have thought they were still in Italy, but am told that they were not necessarily Italians. It’s a lovely quiet corner and great for a Summer walk. I can’t wait to get out there again.

Anyone spotted the sunny theme running amok through my blogs? I’ll keep them going.

Derbyshire saves the day, and yet more sun.

This was in late summer, on the same walk we came across this lovely scene which is where one imagines elves and their like come out to play at night. No, I have n’t been ‘on anything’

“Follow me chaps! I’ll take you towards sunny uplands…”

Someone should have asserted themselves and said: “Don’t listen to him, he’s premanently optimistic” We were only a few miles off course, of course. Steve makes a fine image with his hat reflecting those cotton wool clouds. Not his fault that we’d strayed, mine.

Worth it just to walk through that lush meadow on the edge of Ross on Wye, with him and the third “Mustgethere” Alan de Blethyn. “Are you sure this is the right way?”

It’s the sort of question that Governments were bandying about at the same time, and in general, they got it as wrong as I did on that day. We’ll take a decent map next time.