Wild about garlic in the sun…

It grows in profusion in some of these parts, and it prefers shade, but likes to peek out at the sun here and there. Bit like me really. This was in May of last year, looking forward to seeing it again in the coming year.

Sun again

This from April 2020, this when I decided that on visiting supermarkets you might check out with more than you bargained for. Not been back since. I make no excuses for publishing this photo again, but it remains us how simply glorious the weather was back then.


February 2020 before everything went down the plughole. This is a very large plughole in a reservoir in Derbyshire. Then as now, there was no big shortage of rain, but at least one could go out and take photographs of plugholes on a late winter afternoon.

There will be more sun on this site tomorrow.

What more sunshine?

This from the 1dt December and the leaves on here also clinging on until the last. Perhaps it’s a Clingon Tree. Witcombe again. Worth the walk on a rare sunny day.

Sunshine Day 6

Witcombe, just a short drive away, it had started to get a tad wet but the leaves seemed to be clinging on, just. This taken in October.

Sunshine again: Day 5

Late in the day type of Sunshine in September, this one taken in Derbyshire which looked brilliant with its high contrast and dark shadows.

Day 4 of Sunshine

This sunflower was bent over in the September sunshine, not sure what happened to August.

Day 3 of Sunshine

This is horse’s tail in the foreground and is up near the Cotswold Way. It’s a dreaded weed in a vegetable garden but it just looked brilliant on this day in July.

Day 2 of Sunshine

This one is of a giant limb of a tree on the top of the Cotswolds at the very end of May.

Day 1 of sunshine

I’m not sure what it’s like where you live at present, but we seem to be having very dull wet days, so I’ve decided to post a week of sunshine. This one from May last year.