Chip off the old block?


Sheffield again , and silly names for chip shops. I suspect that the author of this one was a little reticent about it, as it appears on the bedroom window above the shop. Is there something in the water in Sheffield that makes them want to give their chip shops silly names.

For those of you reading outside the UK, the Battersea Dog’s Home is a refuge for homeless dogs. The connection with chip shops is tenuous to say the least, but of course we do batter our fish over here and it does come from the sea.

Time for a quick lie down in a darkened room to get over it.

Fuelfish and other creatures…

A day trip to London to see friends I was at college with back when everything was in black and white. Armed with my handy coach card all aboard the National Express to Victoria. Express? Well it would be if it was n’t for traffic, oodles of it jamming the last couple of miles.


On the way back noticed this little thing on the side of a bus, I wonder if the media planners knew that the fuel tap would be in the middle of their lovely image of the fish in Thailand.


And then there’s this enormous horses head that someone left at Marble Arch.

Cotswold sheepsf

So it’s back for a bank holiday weekend and a chance to get out into the countryside, and here’s a real creature, a real cotswold sheep! Fine beast and very friendly. Walked in an area where you can see no human habitation and the where there’s no sound of traffic, even on a day when it’s not as bright as of late,it’s a joy. A small glimpse of the sun and the areas true green shines out, could be an image from a 100 years ago.

Cotswold field

A glimpse of colour on the ground, the remains of a bird’s egg. Stunning colour. I looked it up in a bird’s egg recognition site and it would appear to be a starling’s egg, but I’m not sure myself.


Tomorrow I’m back to drawing.

Fish…perfect for the hard of hearing.


I’ve recently retired from my ‘other job’, I had respectable employment with a fine company of printers over in Gloucester.They gave me a very generous send-off last week,which was very gratifying. My daughter asked me if I cried, not bloody likely said I, I could not stop smiling. So, now I’ve been repointed to my old job. I cannot believe that I used to make my entire living from this sort of thing, but I did.My time in print was brilliant in that I spent my days speaking to people and meeting all sorts of people in a wide variety of jobs and professions. I have threatened to write a book about it, but as one of my colleagues said, ‘no one would believe it’.

Here’s one of my favourite subjects, I’ve been drawing my father for years, it’s almost a default action.He’s 93 now and as sharp as ever, though his hearing has deteriorated recently and he asked me to sort out a new hearing aid for him. So I sent an email to the suppliers and it was only when I looked afterwards at the sent email that I had requested a new herring aid for him. It was fitted today and he loves it, I suspect it might look like this.

Did I learn nothing about proof reading at Severnprint?

Obviously not.

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