Fish…perfect for the hard of hearing.


I’ve recently retired from my ‘other job’, I had respectable employment with a fine company of printers over in Gloucester.They gave me a very generous send-off last week,which was very gratifying. My daughter asked me if I cried, not bloody likely said I, I could not stop smiling. So, now I’ve been repointed to my old job. I cannot believe that I used to make my entire living from this sort of thing, but I did.My time in print was brilliant in that I spent my days speaking to people and meeting all sorts of people in a wide variety of jobs and professions. I have threatened to write a book about it, but as one of my colleagues said, ‘no one would believe it’.

Here’s one of my favourite subjects, I’ve been drawing my father for years, it’s almost a default action.He’s 93 now and as sharp as ever, though his hearing has deteriorated recently and he asked me to sort out a new hearing aid for him. So I sent an email to the suppliers and it was only when I looked afterwards at the sent email that I had requested a new herring aid for him. It was fitted today and he loves it, I suspect it might look like this.

Did I learn nothing about proof reading at Severnprint?

Obviously not.

For more about me go and take a look at
which has had over 100,000 visits.

For more about where I used to work take a look at them here

Though they have been rebranded now and call themselves Severn.

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