Some days it goes well…

Sometimes with this drawing lark it goes well and other days one cannot get to grips with it at all, the danger between rough and final is hopefully illustrated here. I’m working on a series of cartoons that feature people where the name matches the job. Like a lot of so-called humorous ideas, one thinks of it and then reflects that it’s not so funny after all. Perhaps it’s not but the best humour is based on reality and in reality there are people with names that match their jobs. They don’t always know it themselves and have never really realised it until someone points it out to them, or they do realise that it is a little strange.

I used to know of a second-hand car salesman who’s name was Nick King…nicking cars? I don’t think he ever recognised it as odd. Then there’s the other chap who was the tree officer for the local council : Timothy Bird. Timbered? I suppose if he was part-time he could be half timbered.

Yes, it is a thin idea stretched, but that’s what I like to do.

This rough is for someone called Courtney Fish. You might see where I’m coming from by now.Or not.


Rough seas again, eighteen days later.

So here we are eighteen days later and ‘Rough Seas Rough’ got a little more finished, but not completely. Sometimes there’s a temptation to over finish, and when does a cartoon become an illustration. For me they are always cartoons these days. I’ll work on this drawing and it will be interesting to see if it gets better or worse.

This drawing reveals my fear of small boats out at sea. I used to go on holiday to North Wales and could never understand the attraction that people had to set out to sea in what seemed to me to be extremely small boats. At least these two have their lifebelts on, but one suspects the motor has failed and he’s not making much headway with the rowing. Let’s be positive, someone in the lighthouse will have called the coastguard and ruddy-faced lifeboatmen will soon be on hand to rescue them, so that they can do the same thing tomorrow. Heave to!

Fish…perfect for the hard of hearing.


I’ve recently retired from my ‘other job’, I had respectable employment with a fine company of printers over in Gloucester.They gave me a very generous send-off last week,which was very gratifying. My daughter asked me if I cried, not bloody likely said I, I could not stop smiling. So, now I’ve been repointed to my old job. I cannot believe that I used to make my entire living from this sort of thing, but I did.My time in print was brilliant in that I spent my days speaking to people and meeting all sorts of people in a wide variety of jobs and professions. I have threatened to write a book about it, but as one of my colleagues said, ‘no one would believe it’.

Here’s one of my favourite subjects, I’ve been drawing my father for years, it’s almost a default action.He’s 93 now and as sharp as ever, though his hearing has deteriorated recently and he asked me to sort out a new hearing aid for him. So I sent an email to the suppliers and it was only when I looked afterwards at the sent email that I had requested a new herring aid for him. It was fitted today and he loves it, I suspect it might look like this.

Did I learn nothing about proof reading at Severnprint?

Obviously not.

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Linked-in fishing.

Linked-in fishing.

This is part of a larger drawing, again. This time on the theme of social media and in particular Google plus, which is apparently a strong contender for the best vehicle. In particular for recruitment. More to come over the next few days all on the same theme and the other parts of the drawing, which are all ponds!