Here’s today’s almost finished rough. I’m working on a little book of place names and their meaning. ( I’ve made them all up of course ) Tibberton is a small village on the outskirts of Gloucester going west, but I describe it thus:



The way a female Tuffley walks after a night out on the Abbeymead. The heels of her shoes clatter on a wet pavement, generally accompanied by some choice language like: ” It wos you wot sed these shoes were ok Dawn but they’s crap, oh bugger av just lost me cheps” which loosely translated means ” this footwear came highly recommended by you Dawn, but cannot stand up to the rigours of a night out in Gloucester, oh dear I seem to have dropped my french fried potatoes”

Interestingly spellchecker on here sees Tibberton as Tibet. I’m hoping my little book will be ready for Christmas, this year.

Down in the docks someone’s hammering chains


This is the working end of a ship in the dry dock of Gloucester Docks where I had an afternoon out the other day. It’s worth a trip if your in the area. I like Gloucester, used to live there and miss it’s friendly atmosphere and the rough edges. This place is a gem and is Tommy Nielson’s boat yard in the docks. They are in the middle of a complete refit of the tall ship Kaskelot which is also being renamed to some strange Scandinavian name. It’s one of the largest tall ships around these days and you can see from this image what they have to do to refit the below water levels. Rope or perhaps it’s hemp ( I’m no expert on these things, just an onlooker ) is hammered between the wooden boards. No doubt it is then tarred to make it watertight. There’s no automatic way of doing this so the men working on the ship just have to hammer away.


Whilst I was there I also saw a couple of the men working on the chains, which seemed to just be getting a couple of hammers and bashing them. Together with the blokes doing the ship’s sides they made for quite a syncopated sound. Take a look at my little movie of the scene. I’m at a loss to know what they were doing to the chains. Perhaps they were trying out “Unchained Melody”

Kaskelot inyard

To those of you who might be wondering what happened to my two border guards series, then please forgive me, they have taken a short break but will be back in the next posting hopefully.



What a morning of winter light.

This beautiful woman is a gargoyle on Gloucester Cathedral, the rain water comes off the roof out of the pot she is carrying.This is a wonderful piece of carving by the skilled stonemasons at the Cathedral and today was one of those days when the winter light is just right to photograph such things. This is high up on the Cathedral roof and it was only thanks to a telephoto lens that I was able to get this close, and thanks to one of those wonderful sunny winter’s days that the light was right.

I normally only feature cartoons on this site, after all this is what it’s all about for me, but an image like this deserves to be shared.

Back to the drawing board tomorrow.


Johnny Depp in Gloucester…does he need the money that badly?


I don’t normally post photos on my blog, but this one from today is a little too good to be true.

Johnny Depp is coming to Gloucester and I’m sure this is him getting in a bit of practice for his coming fantasy role in the latest Tim Burton film.They will be filming down at the Docks soon and the tall ships have arrived.The citizens of Gloucester are a generous bunch and Johnny had a few coins donated to him as he sat at the Cross in the City Centre.

Not a lot of people know that Gloucester is the largest inland docks in the country. I’m starting to sound like one of those Disney travel films now.

Venture, if you will to try the local delicacies on offer in the region.Ye olde Fishe and Chippie on the way to Kingsholme, the home of those tough guys at Gloucester Rugby Club,that’s Gloucester pronounced Gloster to you folks in foreign parts…Tallshipsglos