Behind Paradise…

The hill behind Paradise is Painswick Beacon and on a clear day you can see what seems to be half of England and the outline of Wales. There’s a quarry nearby by the name of Catsbrain, no idea why it has a name like that, but it was from this area that the stone for Gloucester Cathedral was quarried.


Last evening we went for a walk to the top of the Beacon and it was a vivid green for miles, with the River severn glinting in the distance and the Malvern Hills clearly visible too.


The Severn in the distance


Spotted this triangular leafed plant on the way back, pointing at a brilliant blue summer evening sky.

After the eclipse,it turned out very sunny.


So here in Cheltenham at 9-30 this morning it went darker, not much darker than normal, and then it went light again. Very light. So I took advantage of a it and went for a walk with ‘she with the map’. A new booklet came through the door with walks in the area and we tested one out: Sheepscombe



Brilliant sunny afternoon and we came across this, which is supposed to be the most beautiful cricket field in England. It’s in Sheepscombe in Gloucestershire and has just the most stunning views across the valley. Laurie Lee, the famous poet and writer apparently used to play here and had a hand in preserving it as a cricket field ad infinitum. The gorse was beginning to open and the birds were in abundance enjoying a warm afternoon. What could be better, perhaps a half pint of bitter before a return to urban life, if it can be called that in leafy Cheltenham. Sadly the pub was shut, and activity around the area was just mums collecting children from the local village school.

Drawing cartoons is best done on days when it’s cold and rainy outside, an afternoon like this afternoon is best used for getting out and feeling the sun on your back and looking at the birds and the trees.


Spiderman lives locally.


Not a lot of people know that Spiderman lives here right in the heart of England, but now I can reveal with this exclusive picture. Poor chap looked a bit down at heel and thin, could have benefitted from putting on a few pounds and perhaps  a bit of a ‘work-out’. He was heading for this Pizza place so I’m hopeful that they will give him a nice filling snack, after all he is returning their sign to them by the look of it.


What a morning of winter light.

This beautiful woman is a gargoyle on Gloucester Cathedral, the rain water comes off the roof out of the pot she is carrying.This is a wonderful piece of carving by the skilled stonemasons at the Cathedral and today was one of those days when the winter light is just right to photograph such things. This is high up on the Cathedral roof and it was only thanks to a telephoto lens that I was able to get this close, and thanks to one of those wonderful sunny winter’s days that the light was right.

I normally only feature cartoons on this site, after all this is what it’s all about for me, but an image like this deserves to be shared.

Back to the drawing board tomorrow.


Fish…perfect for the hard of hearing.


I’ve recently retired from my ‘other job’, I had respectable employment with a fine company of printers over in Gloucester.They gave me a very generous send-off last week,which was very gratifying. My daughter asked me if I cried, not bloody likely said I, I could not stop smiling. So, now I’ve been repointed to my old job. I cannot believe that I used to make my entire living from this sort of thing, but I did.My time in print was brilliant in that I spent my days speaking to people and meeting all sorts of people in a wide variety of jobs and professions. I have threatened to write a book about it, but as one of my colleagues said, ‘no one would believe it’.

Here’s one of my favourite subjects, I’ve been drawing my father for years, it’s almost a default action.He’s 93 now and as sharp as ever, though his hearing has deteriorated recently and he asked me to sort out a new hearing aid for him. So I sent an email to the suppliers and it was only when I looked afterwards at the sent email that I had requested a new herring aid for him. It was fitted today and he loves it, I suspect it might look like this.

Did I learn nothing about proof reading at Severnprint?

Obviously not.

For more about me go and take a look at
which has had over 100,000 visits.

For more about where I used to work take a look at them here

Though they have been rebranded now and call themselves Severn.

Treesock…sounds like a village in Wales…

…but it’s not.It’s a tree with a sock on it, and it’s in Tuffley Avenue in Gloucester. Perhaps someone felt sorry for the tree and thought it might be expecting a cold winter.I hope they get the credit they deserve for such a brilliant idea.

I had no idea there were tree-huggers in Gloucester, it’s good to be proved wrong.treesock