Barbarious! Haircut young man?

I came across this little drawing which was a reject of one of the drawings for my book “Some Missing Persons”
I went to a boarding school in Lancashire and they imported a couple of barbers to cut our hair, and this is an amalgam of the two they sent. They took not the slightest interest in our fashion requests and gave us all the very same short back and sides haircut. It never really bothered me as I was not desperately interested in having a fashionable haircut but I witnessed the pain of others who probably still have nightmares about it being shorn of their locks by these barbarians was the ultimate torture.

Interestingly I went to a local barber in the holidays in Wigan, where we lived at the time, and got myself a very short crew cut, my mother nearly fainted when she saw my new crop and when I went back to school my headmaster said ” Davies, grow your hair! ”


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