Flying parrot and ‘Essence of Jungle’.


Here’s drawing I did many years ago and it’s the bottom half of a poster, this version with all the rough bits straight from the artwork, no digital messings here. I sometimes look back at work done in the past and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with embarrassment at what I produced ( and charged good money for, in those days the money was good! ). I must have had a brass neck. This is an exception but in this case the client was myself, it was for my own promotional poster and was eventually printed silkscreen up in Liverpool by a brilliant company up there. They suggested that I could have a ‘perfume’ added to the inks. As silkscreen had quite a strong ink smell in those days this seemed a good idea at the time, so I said ‘yes’ and asked if they had such a thing as ‘Essence of Jungle’. The boss there said ‘leave it to me’, so in a moment of madness I did.

Taking the posters out of the packaging on delivery nearly knocked me out: ‘Essence of Jungle’ was pretty strong. They said it would wear off after a while so I mailed it out to clients. Response was generally good but it was some years later that a trusted art director confided that the power of the poster perfume was so strong that they put it in their lavatories and saved considerable amounts on air freshener for a couple of years.

At least their clientele had the benefit of sitting down and contemplating this artwork, if they wished to take the full benefit of facilities.


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