Odd types,dangerous faces.


” What’s his name then? “


” What’s he like? “

Big, bold, bit hard of hearing so tends to shout when speaking,
does n’t know he’s doing it.

The meeting was a get-together of the type crime  unit, a collection of faces that would not look out of place on one of their own wanted posters. They were all tasked with the search for one particular face.

“Who does this Franklin hang out with then”?

Well the whisper is that it’s someone called Elle.

She’s Swiss interjected another, continuing:

Cool lines – works a lot in banking. You can see her on their letter headings, she really has her foot in the door. She’s clinical with smooth lines, gives nothing away and not difficult to read.

” Any particular bank? HSBC? Hong Kong and Shanghai?”

” Nah, Not them, more likely to be a traditional British Bank”

“Like Santander?” quipped another.

” Leave it out!”  said the Chief forcefully ” The word on the street is that it’s Lloyds or Nat West, take a look sometime”

“Any other associates?” he continued, trying to put the names and the faces on a large white board so that they all understood.

” Gill! ” muttered the quiet one in the corner.” It seems to be popping up everywhere. Second name: ” Sands”

” Where did she come from?” said the Chief

” Daughter of Eric, but don’t ask too much about him, he’s be a candidate for the Vice Squad if he was still around – been dead for years but his faces linger on everywhere.

” So is this Gill any relation to that funny one – the comedian that is n’t funny?”

Well I know they have the same second name but that’s where the similarity ends…

” Comic Sans ” – whispered another of them in disgust, adding ” I’d say one of the ugliest faces around. Any more?

” I’ve heard of one called Perpetua who runs around with an Italian called Palatino – they are seen together now and then, but it’s a sorry match. Ok by themselves but trouble together. Not of much interest to us.

Cooper Black!!!

Interjected an enthusiast from the other side of the room

“What about Cooper Black – around a lot in the 60’s and 70’s – must be getting on a bit now. Anyone run into him at all? He used to be on all the posters but hardly anyone uses him now” asked the Chief


So they had their list of suspect faces:

Franklin Gothic: the bold one that was in a lot of the headlines.

Helvetica : that Swiss dame that worked for the banks.

Gill Sans : they’d got nothing on her, but she’s appeared in numerous guises.

Comic Sans – the least wanted face around, very suspect, not funny.

Perpetua and Palatino – both who were ok apart but trouble together and

Cooper Black – the poster king of the 70’s who was believed to be dead or had left the country ( Someone reported that he’s been seen on South America, but it might just have been on an old poster in a bar somewhere )

They’d all missed:
Gary Monde, one of a large family and as yet to come under suspicion.

As they shuffled for the exit the Chief called them back with one last exhortation:

“Be careful out there:

There are people out there who’ve never met these types, never seen their faces, but may well be tempted to become ‘ users’. They have to be protected and it’s our job to do just that, however unjustified it may seem.

We have to protect them from going a ‘font too far’.


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