Whitminster generates Frocester


The part of a wedding speech were the best man reflects perhaps a  little unkindly on the predilections of his erstwhile friend: the groom, on his choice of previous girlfriends before the present ‘chosen one’.

Phrases like: “ …you should have seen what Darren found on the floor of Liquid when he was celebrating his nineteenth, he was told he could’nt drink for six weeks and that the creams would take some time, ent that right Darren?” is a typical leading phrase with the makings of a whitminster. Not always received well by the groom and even less well by the bride’s mother. Groans from the audience and amongst the guests with cries of “ Oh crikey, he’s not going to drop in that whitminster is he?” Shocking stuff.

glossary frocester327


The bride’s mother’s reaction to a whitminster.
A frosty reception. Rare but terrifying when witnessed.

Continuing my “Glossary” of Gloucestershire place names both these places are down the A38 going south of Gloucester. Whitminster has one of the largest roadside holes that I’ve ever seen and serves some of the best chips you can find anywhere, Frocester is towards the River Severn and a sleepy little village.

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