Ashton Keynes, barmy or just an odd angle?

Ashton Keynes

The way a small boat might sit in the water when waterlogged. An uncomfortable angle. Has developed from its first water association to mean slightly unhinged, so if someone is described as “ a bit ashton keynes” they can be considered to be “lying at an odd angle in the water”. Barmy but not completely.


Ashton Keynes is actually a small village not far from Cirencester, beautiful part of the country. The area has a lot of lakes that are formed by sandpits, I think.


This is the last of the series that I shall be posting on my blog which is from my little book: Glossary, the Definitive Guide to the Real Meaning of Gloucestershire Place Names, sort of. A big title for a small book that is just about to go to print, just in time to miss the Christmas rush, timing has never been my forte, but I’m sure it will be around next Christmas.

I’d like to say that it will be available from all good bookshops but it’s not. In fact it’s not even available from ‘down at heel can’t be ares’d bookshops with rising damp’. But if you want one it’s four and a half quid plus postage to you, though you may have to wait till the ink dries.



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