Singing in a landscape

Out for the day in the Cotswolds with my chum Mr Burton. He’s a keen folksinger and comes to it a little later in life. His voice now carefully modulated and resonant. Going out for a walk in the bright Cotswold countryside we both marvelled at our skills on choosing the right day ( unbroken sunshine ), the brilliant countryside we had the privilege of walking  through via the ‘right to roam’ that we have in this country, and Robin’s expert route finding that took in two excellent pubs and a tea room to finish.

Apart from a gaggle of walkers, is that the collective noun perhaps for a group of persons of a certain age who go walking? We saw very few other people. What other people missed was Robin’s occasional bursts into song. So for those of you keen to know here’s a short clip with a lovely Cotswold stream to give a little backing.

This video doesn’t exist

If you like this sort of stuff then take a look at where you can hear more of it with Robin’s group the Gloucester Diamonds. The four of them.

Thanks Robin for a brilliant day out. Here are some other images from the walk.





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