A quick tour of the exhibition.

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Thanks to all those who have come to my show so far. A bus party from Frinton on Sea boosted the figures but not the sales, but were lovely people and good material for more drawings. How they found me here is beyond me, but they did. Perhaps I’m now on the tourist map like Bourton on the Water or the Severn Bore. I’d hate to be a bore!

I have another day ahead of me feeling like a shopkeeper as people wander in randomly or like and old friend of mine yesterday who heard me on the radio, and determined to come and find me. Thanks Yorkie! Good to see you and your good lady.

The Exhibition building is sited close to a very pleasant cafe and tea shop, where mums abound with their little charges, and charging is what the little people seem to do a lot. The mums seem to avoid the exhibition like the plague, the odd child wanders near and is generally told ‘not to go in there’ as if I’m going to capture them and never let them out, like and old wizard. One or two have taken to shouting through the door, I shout back.

I’ve sold a few originals too which is always flattering, a late sale yesterday was done in seconds as the couple had to get their train back to Kent, that’s a hell of a distance, but hubby told me that his son in law is a chef so the image will go down very well with him. Someone else, a former teacher at the Ladies College ( where Madonna’s daughter attended, yes the Madonna, well not the virgin Madonna, the one that allegedly sings ) told me that she could not understand how anyone would want to put any of my pictures on their wall. True to a degree, I responded that most people who do buy my pictures put them in the lavatory, where at least they can sit down and study them a little further. I’d be surprised if anyone put one over the mantlepiece to replace the Tretchicoff  Green Lady



This is the one that will end in Tunbridge Wells, probably in the kitchen or the loo. Also available as a print from my web site




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