Newspapers or beetroot?

I’m a big fan of both and a keen Guardian reader, especially the Saturday version. Off to the Supermarket to get my copy and don’t quite know where to look. So I ask a helpful young man. I thought I said “Can you tell me where to find the newspapers please” and he just responds with the word: “Beetroot?”

Now I know I’ve had a cold, a stinker, and my wife tells me I mumble, but how did I make newspaper sound like beetroot? Perhaps if I eat more beetroot I’ll see off the cold and my speech will improve.

I asked the aforesaid young man how he could mistake “newspaper” for “beetroot”. He looked at me with a puzzled expression and simply shrugged.

I’m off to blowdenose now, and then it’s a large whisky courtesy of my dear son and new D.I.L ( Daughter in law ) What to take to a Belgian Wedding… They have jetted off to somewhere exotic, probably called Avocado.





3 thoughts on “Newspapers or beetroot?

  1. Dear Paul,
    Just dropping a note to say how much I love reading your blog. (I’m a fellow clown of yours from that first workshop with Zack.) and I’m also your biggest fan.
    Hope that beetroot kicks that cold right out the door! All the very best!

  2. Dear Ana Maria
    Thanks for your kind comments but you must be thinking of someone else. Perhaps I have a doppelganger. I’ve never done workshops of any kind but your remarks are very welcome.Kind regards.

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