Haircuts, the Hackney way round.

Only men get a haircut, women have their hair done. I did a load of drawings of men’s haircuts some time ago, and here’s a chance to describe how I came to this stuff. Some people can turn off here as I’m about to describe how I did the artwork. I can hear the snoring from here.

I did a load of small drawings within about an A4 area and then scanned them into the mac on high resolution. I had a plan. What I wanted was a certain quality of line. “It’s only a cartoon. Get a life” I hear you say.

So, if there are any of you left out there, I then put these drawings individually, each separate face, into Illustrator. Now,  this is a bit of software that I am not desperately familiar with, but I am learning. I find it fiendishly difficult, much preferring Photoshop. I swear I heard a yawn from the back there.

Once in Illustrator I got the software to trace the line. It will do that! Then save it as an illustrator file. This is a vectored file, meaning it keeps that line quality and will not pixcelate.

Are you still there?

Well, I don’t care if there’s no one there. There’s usually is no one there so it’s nothing new.

I then open another piece of software – In Design. I know that if I create an a2 poster in this and drop the drawing in there, being in Illustrator, it will keep its line quality and won’t break up.

Right, I know you’ve all gone now, so I can get on with it.

I make a pdf from the In Design file and of the highest quality.

I drop the pdf back into Photoshop and then ‘flatten’ the image.

I can then add to the drawing in Photoshop, especially in the hairy areas!

Well done, you got to the end and you now know one of my trade secrets. A journey somewhat similar to getting to Hackney by SatNav. There are areas you go through that you think must be wrong, but you get there in the end anyhow.

Here’s a sample of one of the drawings. Was the journey worth it? Sometimes it’s the getting there that is more important than the destination.

That’s  my excuse.

Believe it or not, you can get prints of these on Red Bubble, and even have them printed on mugs. See them all here: Red Bubble





7 thoughts on “Haircuts, the Hackney way round.

  1. Sorry, I skipped the tech stuff and just looked at the picture! I like the picture. Why does he look so sad and surprised? What was he expecting? Maybe as is often the case he thought that his new haircut would transform him and he’d look like the model on the poster……. or was he blaming his new frizz on the ‘bubble’ software……,,

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