Do we need to talk about food?

I’m keen on food, it has a tendency to help me get from day to day. These days people seem to take a lot of pictures of it and then write about it. I’m a big fan of Betty, not the tea rooms in Harrogate ( where I’ve been once and can recommend, and the owner is not called Betty at all ) but Becoming Betty, who’s also not really called Betty. Is there anyone out there really called Betty? (Become Betty )

She writes about food all the time and reviews it on-line in her blog. She’s in the United States so some things she reviews as food are not what I would call food. What we call sweets and they call something else, does not come into my definition of food. A recent review was  of ” Trader Joe’s Organic Cranberry Spiced Kombucha” is not really food. Kombucha! Sounds like an expletive. It is apparently tea.

So what am I getting at here?

So, no, we don’t need to talk about food. but it can be great fun when we do.

The downside of a blog is that every opinionated tit, like me, gets the chance to sound off about almost anything.I also try and celebrate stuff too, drawings and cartoons, in particular, music like on this blog(  The Immortal Jukebox ) photography, ( This chaps worth looking at ) and art ( Exhibition two-step,)

The thought struck me that there’s a saying that: “you know when you are getting old when….( add in any random phrase here, almost any will fit)


Here are a few:

YOU KNOW WHEN YOU’RE GETTING OLD WHEN… talk about your latest trip to a supermarket ( Leg of Salmon ) talk about how spotty youths in phone shops treat you as invisible.(Invisible ) talk about any sort of gardening.( The art of the shed )

4… you use the word bucolic ( look it up )

5… you comment of the quality of the chicken you’ve just eaten in some detail ( lovely and moist with a real chickeny taste!)

6… you go on and on about the weather and complain that the forecasters know absolutely nothing ( Most of the British do this all the time, so we must all be ancient, except for some teenagers who seem to be impervious to any sort of weather so wear nothing to counteract it )

I’m sure you’ll all be able to find more to fit in.

Looks like rain, but I’ve got some lovely fish for supper, Morrison’s was great to shop in this afternoon, some great prices. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get on the allotment to check out my green manure quite soon. Despite being in the town it has the most bucolic setting.


Random picture of a shed, this one is in the Orkneys. You don’t get much more bucolic than that.



6 thoughts on “Do we need to talk about food?

  1. I don’t feel old, and don’t consider myself old.But that aside I don’t think old should be seen as not worth taking any notice of. So responses to my blog make me feel younger than I am! Thanks.

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