One that got away…


I do a regular Christmas card for Neil and this was one of my ideas and I thought the best of the two ideas I sent him. I told him it was the best but when put to the rest of the staff they voted the other one as the winner, which is a take on driverless vehicles.

Well, I’m not going to let this one go to waste, so here it is. And on a dull damp Sunday with the past week being filled on my blog with grey pictures this is the first step back into publishing drawings again. I hope it cheers your day.

This is the rough that will not get any further, which is a shame, but it has a quality of immediacy that I like. Hardly needs any more work on it really.

It’s one of those drawings and ideas where I chuckled to myself, which might just be an indication that it would not come out as the winner.



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