Eels and Mash


I’m not one for taking pictures of my own lunch but this has to be a worthy exception. Until last week I’d never had East End Eels. I’d heard about Pie and Mash shops and Jellied Eels, of course, but never sampled the delights. A trip to Hackney and there stands an old established Eel and Pie shop. On a perishing cold day, it seemed sensible to have a hot dinner.

Under that sea of green lurk the eels in question, the sea of green is described as liquor, but to you and me it would be parsley sauce ( though not made with milk ). The eels are slow cooked in a large pot there is a handsome dollop of mash to weld everything together. Hot and nutritious, I was not expecting the eels to have bones but they did have little delicate bits in the center of each roundel of fishiness. It was eaten with a spoon and fork ( no knives were apparent, but then this is the East End Guvnor )

The shop itself with tables firmly anchored to the floor and sawdust scattered over the floor made for the genuine article. What on earth was that for? Perhaps I was meant to spit out the bones.

It was delicious. Some people apparently have this combo with a meat pie. That will have to remain an adventure for the future.


eel shop

This is the place and it’s on Broadway Market in Hackney
Try it!

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