Where did that come from?


This was one of a series of posts I did some years ago where I amended the same drawing for each post, creating a different idea each time. I had the thought that it was a good idea but, like all these things that I seem to do, it petered out after a while. I quite like this one given our present weather here in the UK.

It’s my son’s birthday today, he was born on the 29th February, so Happy Birthday Joe! Just started his own coffee bar and seems to be a natural at an understated humour on his Facebook postings about the place. He’s there in Sheffield battling freezing conditions and keeping the Yorkshire people warm with his brilliant coffee. Take a trip to see him, either for real, or on-line right here:  Joe’spresso

Daughter is off to California tomorrow, where the weather might be described as balmy, and the people eccentric. Or is it the other way around?


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