Snow creates a nation of cakemakers


Well, it’s all but gone from these parts, but there was a lot of snow around here. The result has been some major first world problems like the shortage of eggs and flour. Yes in the local supermarket there is a distinct lack of eggs and self-raising flour. Almost as if the answer to “the Beast from the East” as the newspapers would have us call our latest spate of bad weather, with roads blocked by snow drifts and people literally in a spin in their cars, was to head for the nearest supermarket and buy every available egg and bag of flour. Victoria Sponges would be the salvation of all of us in the moment of crisis.

Let’s bake!

4 thoughts on “Snow creates a nation of cakemakers

  1. Yes, I made a lemon merangue pie, ginger cake and a yummy chocolate cake!!!! (Sons birthday). What else do you do in the snow!

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