Just the weather to get the spuds in…



It looks like ice will be forming again this coming weekend. This is one of a series of drawings I’m doing on the weather. I started before the recent cold spell, which today was nowhere to be seen. In fact I planted two rows of spuds on my plot and a couple of rows of shallots. So far I have done 45 of these little drawings and am planning to have 52 by the time I finish, one for each week of the year. The Eskimo has, according to legend, over a 100 words to describe snow. I have a way to go yet and have the wide variety of British weather to work on.

Stay warm.





2 thoughts on “Just the weather to get the spuds in…

  1. You poor things. I suppose you are not even aware of the concept of string vests. Daughter and family are coming to live over there for a while! They’ll never get used to the heat.

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