Someday my prints will come…


Happy Easter everyone.

I’ve been here working on some amendments to my website and other stuff, forced on me when the print company I work through decided to ‘retire’ a system they have been using. Retire! It means they are binning it and that means quite a lot of work for me to change everything to a new system. I now have to open a shop through shopify. Shame that it is not a UK company, but never mind. So Easter has been busy. To be fair to the print people the change over is relatively straightforward and much of my previous faffing does not need re-faffing. Support from them has been first class and even got replies to emails today and on the other bank holiday on Friday. Turns out the man who I’ve been emailing, is the man who started the company and designed the app that gets the stuff onto the new site.

He even asked me to leave a review, which I’ll do when it’s all sorted. Given that I’ve not been very happy about the move and now have to send money to the States to keep my prints available to buy I thought that was quite brave.

So, I’ve at least had the chance to review all my stuff, take some out and put new stuff up there. I’m not yet sure if there’s a market for my prints, but we’ll see. Or please go and see for yourself here

As usual, thanks for dropping in.



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