Lower Tuffley

Lower Tuffley718

Here’s another rough from my series about Cotswold Wildlife. I reviewed what I’ve done so far and come to the conclusion that there are not enough of the female breeds or of the young. This corrects to some extent just one of those issues. For those unable to decipher my writing here are the words, edited again from above.

Lower Tuffley

Short and naturally aggressive and found generally in one small area of Gloucester and its City Centre. Sometimes seen, but rarely, in Cheltenham where it appears to become even more aggressive than normal. Best not approached at all.

Loose plumage reveals interesting under plumage of branded briefs, or from the rear what appears to be a ‘Dagenham Cleavage’. Outer plumage seems to be moulting and ready to leave the creature altogether.

Many of the species are colourfully skin decorated, usually with spelling errors or poor punctuation. Females of the species do not exist in large numbers, but when visible are  well endowed with minute lower plumage that resembles a wide belt, even in the cold winter months.

Call: Similar to the Greater Striped Glossur: ” Oroight?” repeated often.

The book of other place names

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In the unlikely event of you wanting an actual print of this and others, then this one will be completed in the next week or so, others can be found right here





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