Coming soon, a series of the inner workings…


I plan to post a small series of videos quite soon on how I get my drawings looking like they do. Here to give to a start is what I call my cartoonists kit. Not included here is the grey matter used to think of the drawings in the first place, you can’t buy that.

This is just about everything that I use to get the drawing done. After it’s done it does go into my Apple mac for some judicious cooking. The joys of digital artwork mean that I can then fix what I think might be mistakes. The danger is, of course, that you digitise it to death.

With this kit you can produce a black and white drawing. I don’t really do colour any more, preferring the magic of black and white. So if you do see any work of mine that is in colour, it may well be a few years old.

Thanks for dropping by. If you are interested in looking at more of my drawings, or even buying a print, then please slide over to here.

If you want to see the first of the series then drop by here.

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