Spies are everwhere!


A boat trip from Perast on a stunning day, we landed at this place for a look at an ancient Church, where a chap in dark glasses and regular features bade us “Bonjour”. First time I’ve ever been mistaken for a Frenchman. We spoke some French to him and he was friendly and informative telling us that Montenegro owes much to this chap above. His statue here just placed outside the church. We asked what he did and he told us that he’d been in the Montenegran Secret Service. So you go on holiday and bump into a spy! In this case a very friendly and open one. Later on someone said that if he’d really been in the secret service he’s not have told us, but that’s a very British point of view.

I reckoned that he looked a little like his hero Strosmajer. A pair of dark glasses and you’d have had trouble telling them apart.

Here’s some information about him

It seems that he was not from Montenegro from my brief reading of him here, but if he was as pleasant as the Montenegran Dark Glasses Spy then that’s good enough for me.

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