Major work of art or pretentious cr*p?

The Board is a private museum of art featuring the collection of works owned by one couple: The Broads

He made his fortune in housing and insurance, and they choose to spend this fortune on modern art. He has a net worth of 7.4 billion dollars! Good for them, and good for us. Though how someone can amass a fortune like that is beyond me.

Across the road from the Broad is the Museum of Modern Art. Worth a visit, only 10 dollars each and it’s all on one level with the ‘works’ displayed in huge white rooms. Charming staff and minders, but just like the Broad, no typographers in the area.

Here’s a selection of my favourites and less favourites from the trip. With my own comments attached. First of all the location:


Now the ‘art’


I liked this one, I liked it even more when the woman in black and white stood nearby. No idea who it’s by, sorry.


Sorry about the photo, sorry about the so called art. This was a series of tubular lights. Does it say anything about the human condition, sorry, you’ve switched me off.


I’ve not always loved the work of Mark Rothko, but I like almost all of his stuff these days. the photograph does no justice to the work here and I thought it was all displayed in a rather darkened room, unlike a similar Rothko across the road at the Broad. His paintings are said to convey mood by colour, they don’t to me, but they put me in good spirits. The colours really need to be seen rather than photographed, his works have a strong intensity, the brown line on the floor is meant to keep you at that distance away from the paintwork, personally I’d love to go as close as I could.


A series of mirrors hung just an inch or two above the floor, with an image of my ‘Chaplin feet’ as I take the picture. This is in the same room as the light bulbs and I suppose it did get a reaction from me, but when I was there it was negative. I’m not sure who the so called artists is but he or she is not spending a great deal of time on technique. Come on now, this is just silliness.


Another piece that might be called conceptual. It’s nonsensical.


Now we are talking! This was my favourite two pieces in the show, which is really one piece. Told a real story with immense style and skill on show. I could have spent a  lot more time looking at this and you need to know the scale of it is huge. Great piece of art for my ten dollars entry fee.

Whilst we were there there was also a show on about three photographers, more on them in my next missive. For the typographers amongst you out there, here’s where they’ve gone wrong again! If you care to read it it’s about the junk metal.typo





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